Print making using recycled materials

Print making using recycled materials


Printmaking for children is a great process art experience, it gives children a chance to explore different textures, colours, and patterns.


  • Lay out all of your printmaking tools and paint in your paint trays.
  • Your child can dip the recycled materials in the paint and then press them on their paper.
  • OR your child can paint on the recycled materials and then press the materials on to their paper, when they lift the material, their print will be revealed.

Promote learning by:

  1. Getting your children to help in searching out fun things that they want to try and make prints with. You can search the house and recycling bin and came up with some really fun and unique things!
  2. Exploring shape identification through asking questions such “What shape can we make when we press the bottle top on the paper?”

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