Find The Closest Daycare Near You

There are often many child daycare near me. What’s so special about Nido Early School?

Since Nido offers daycare from the age of six weeks onwards, the quality of both the daycare environment and quality of nurturing staff is paramount when entrusting your baby or older child to their care.

  • Families are often drawn to Nido when choosing a daycare near them as we offer a unique approach, taking inspiration from the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Looking at the type of program that the preschool offers is particularly important when considering what childcare you need.
  • You should also think about how your child will learn in this daycare setting?
  • We know that when looking for day care, location is often equally important. If you choose a daycare near your home versus your workplace, think about what your preference might be in terms of getting your child to daycare and settling them in for the day and then making sure that you can pick up on-time if you have a demanding job that may be overrun?
  • Does the daycare offer long hours if that’s what you will need? We are flexible and will always adapt to your needs where possible.
  • Childcare Subsidy entitlements are also an important question to ask when considering your daycare choices. Can I claim the Child Care Subsidy and how does it work?
  • What will my fees be after I claim the Child Care Subsidy?
  • How will you know what your child has been doing during the day?
  • We will always aim to make your life as straightforward as possible and will communicate with you in whichever way suits you best:

What we offer; come and see…

To make sure we answer all your questions about looking for the right daycare for your family, not only in terms of location, but also how we nurture your child, we’d like to make things as easy as possible for you.

Nido offers a virtual tour online of each Nido daycare or preferably come in to see what Nido can offer. We also always ensure that you and your family attend an orientation before your child starts so you’ll know exactly what to expect and what you’ll need to bring.

When you visit, you’ll see our Cucina, Italian for kitchen, where beautiful home cooked meals are prepared daily for your child.

Experience too how our daycare centres are beautifully designed, with natural and calming colours – you’ll find we have a strong emphasis on nature, as we believe this is a key part of our Reggio Emilia philosophy to learning.

Sustainability is an important area of our teaching to ensure that your child becomes aware of looking after precious resources, and you’ll see first-hand how we ensure our impact on the environment is minimised.

You’ll also find that all our Educators are carefully chosen, not just because they have extensive experience in infant education, but also have such loving and nurturing personalities; which we think is important when you are leaving your child in the care of someone else.

Please also see our family handbook, found on our website, for more detailed information.