Early School Starting Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

What time do I arrive on our first day?

After your orientation day, speak to our Executive Service Manager who will let you know the best time to drop off to suit your routine going forward.

What things do I need to remember to bring?

  • Spare set of clothes
  • Hat
  • Medication, which should be passed to one of the team as soon as you arrive
  • Water bottle

Please make sure everything is clearly labelled with your child’s name!

How is it best to drop my child off?

On your child’s first day, it may be better to plan a longer time in the Early School to help settle your child. We always encourage you to say goodbye and tell them you’ll collect them later, so that they understand and feel comforted.

What will my child be eating?

Because the right food is vital for your child’s development, our menus are developed by Nourished Beginnings. Our menus contain whole foods and don’t contain processed sugars. We cater to all allergies, as well as cultural and dietary preferences and all our Early Schools are nut aware. We will do our utmost to ensure that your child settles into their new eating routine and we are sure that they will both enjoy cooking and also eating what’s been made in the Cucina!

What should I do if my child is being toilet trained?

It is important your child wears clothing that will allow them to access the toilet quickly and comfortably. Elastic waisted pants are most suitable. Overalls and jeans are not recommended.