Nature’s palette

Nature’s palette


Colours are the smiles of nature” – Leigh Hunt.

Through this experience your child will discover the uniqueness of nature and how to take a little and gain a lot. Take some time outdoors and see what art materials your garden or daily walk can offer. At Nido we value art as a process and not a product. Using nature’s palette will support your child in experimenting with colour, texture and possibly smell and taste.

Promote learning by:

Helping your child to engage in grating, grinding, or dissolving their collection of natural items will foster their fine motor skills and promote their thinking around cause and effect. This experience supports early mark-making, giving opportunities for painting, pouring, dripping and mixing colours.

  • Role model using words to describe textures, smells and colours
  • Ask open-ended questions to encourage children to consider what is happening and why it is happening (e.g. What does it look like? How did the water turn green? Why did that happen to the paper?). This will promote inquiry-based learning
  • Demonstrate how to mix, paint, pour and drip colours, allowing your child to observe the process and the result. This may encourage them to try new ways of engaging with the materials and develop their creativity

* These items will require close adult supervision

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