Building with Loose Parts & Recycled Materials

Building with Loose Parts & Recycled Materials


Is your child a little engineer and loves to read?

If so, combine the two and offer a challenge of construction after introducing it through story time. Start by reading the book ‘If I built a house’ by Chris Van Dusen, this is also available on YouTube if you do not have access to the book. Then ask your child if they can find loose parts to construct their own house.

Promote learning by:

Talk to your child about the story, such as what type of features did Jack (persona) have in his house. Question your child about what features they would include in their house and add the challenge to find loose parts and construct their own house with the pieces they find. If your child enjoys this experience, you can find other stories from the same Author that explore building a car or a school etc. You can continue to introduce a challenge of construction through similar stories.

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