Welcome to Nido, Italian for nest

We understand that selecting the right Early School for your child is an incredibly important decision. At Nido, we believe that by providing meaningful experiences during these formative foundation years, we can cultivate a love for lifelong learning.

Nido Early Schools offer exceptional education and care for children, from six weeks, through to school age, in a safe, comfortable, nurturing and peaceful environment.

Families are drawn to our unique approach, taking inspiration from the Reggio Emilia philosophy and our commitment to helping every child create, explore and discover.

Nido teacher and kid is playing game in wooden round shaped roof
kid doing activity in nido child care centre

Why Nido is for you

The environment plays a key role in your child’s learning and so our spaces are meticulously planned to ensure your child thrives. One of the first things you’ll notice, is that every space feels light and features natural tones and textures, providing a calm environment for learning.

During the day, your child will have the choice to move between indoor and outdoor learning environments including vegetable patches, relaxation spaces and music areas. Most of our Early Schools also have an Atelier, a dedicated arts workshop where children have the freedom to engage in self-expression, curiosity and creativity.

You are always welcome to spend time with your child; have breakfast with them, stay to read their favourite book or come in during the day to feed.