Ensuring the best possible standards

Every member of our team knows exactly what every child is able to eat and information about a child’s dietary, allergenic, cultural and medical needs are available in every room. Upon enrolment, we work with you to develop a plan to ensure your child is kept safe.

All our meals are prepared in accordance with Food Safety Standards. Our chefs go through an induction when they start and have ongoing training to ensure we adhere to all food standards.

We ask parents not bring any food into our Early Schools, to be mindful of every child’s needs.

A baby girl is pouring water into a glass in nido child care centre
Nido educators and children walk down the street safely

Safety comes first

A child’s safety is so important to us that it even impacts how we design our Early Schools – with only one entrance. Our regulations and policies around safety are based on many years of experience, plus extensive scenario planning.

Our employees also attend ‘active supervision’ training. Active supervision refers to a proactive approach regarding the safety and well-being of children in early education and care settings. Training includes the essential components of active supervision, teamwork to support this and how to ensure the environment supports active supervision.

Keeping your child safe:

  • We monitor everyone going through our single point of entry and keep a detailed record of everyone who arrives at our Early School
  • No one can enter without either a single-entry code or swipe card
  • We will not release your child to anyone without your authorisation or to anyone under the age of 18
  • Our staff are all trained in first aid, asthma and anaphylaxes care, as well as food safety
  • All injuries are documented and communicated to parents
  • All our staff have a current Working With Children Check and we conduct extensive background checks. Our skilled in-house recruitment team are specialised to have the right people and processes in place

Covid-19 extra safe

We follow government guidelines, but as always, seek to go above and beyond for your child. For example, we hold handwashing competitions and award Little Clean Hands certificates to make good hygiene fun.

Staff and children with any COVID-19 symptoms are required to get tested and stay at home until a negative test result is provided.

Our medicine cabinet

Our teams are trained to keep your child safe:

  • All medicine onsite is kept in locked cabinets
  • We know each child in our care, and if we suspect they are not feeling well, we will contact you immediately
  • Sunscreen is applied prior to children going outside and reapplied every two hours; our Sun Smart policy has been accredited by the Cancer Council
nido teacher guiding kid to wash hands at nido child care centre