Join our Nest. Getting Started

We understand that entrusting your child to us is something that you don’t take lightly. Our premium Early Schools offer high quality education, in a loving, safe, comfortable and nurturing environment.

We are flexible. We are always here for you, as well as your child.

Every family is unique, with their own specific requirements. To cater for this, we provide education and care for the days that work best for you, plus flexible hours to offer the most suitable options for your family. We also offer casual care days as we know things change and you may find yourself in need of extra support.

Getting Ready to Start

We want to get to know you and your child; the little things that matter to your child, matter to us. We’d love you to attend orientation sessions with your child before their first day. You are welcome to attend as many days as you’d like for both you and your child, with days planned to suit your diary. We know that sometimes adults also need a little hand holding too!

Two children are planning to play something at nido early school play area
Kid playing at nido child care centre

The Nido Orientation Day

  • Making sure your child feels happy with their key Educators
  • Understanding the unique needs of your child including medication, allergies, cultural needs and preferences
  • Familiarising your family with our Early School to ensure you feel at home and meeting other families and children
  • Learning the rhythm of the day; from welcoming you in the morning to waving goodbye
  • Giving you parking and security information
  • Receiving your Welcome and Family Pack – everything you need to know as a parent
  • Making sure we have everything in place – confirming records and discussing any other needs

Day One and Settling In

During the first few days, both you and your child will have lots of questions and you may feel anxious. We will ensure that all your questions are answered and do our utmost to ensure your child enjoys all their new experiences – from trying new food, meeting lots of new adults, to playing with new friends. We also know that leaving your child may take a while to get used to, so we’re here for you as well! At Nido, our team across the Early School, focus on building relationships with all our children to make them feel safe and secure.

For more detailed information regarding our Nido Early Schools, please download our Family Handbook

Getting started for new families

What time do I arrive on our first day?

After your orientation day, speak to our Executive Service Manager who will let you know the best time to drop off to suit your routine going forward.

What things do I need to remember to bring?

  • Spare set of clothes
  • Hat
  • Medication, which should be passed to one of the team upon arrival
  • A water bottles

Please make sure everything is clearly labelled with your child’s name!

What’s the best way to drop my child off?

On your child’s first day, it may be better to plan a longer time in the Early School to help settle your child. We always encourage you to say goodbye and tell them you’ll collect them later, so that they understand and feel comforted.

What will my child be eating?

Because the right food is vital for your child’s development, our menus are developed by Nourished Beginnings, containing whole foods and avoiding processed sugars. We cater to all allergies, as well as cultural and dietary preferences and all our Early Schools are nut aware. We will do our utmost to ensure that your child settles into their new eating routine, and we are sure that they will both enjoy cooking and also eating what’s been made in the Cucina!

What should I do if my child is being toilet trained?

It is important your child wears clothing that will allow them to access the toilet quickly and comfortably. Elastic waisted pants are most suitable, whilst jeans with buttons and dungarees are not recommended.

How can I help settle my child over the first few days?

You are always welcome to spend time with your child; have breakfast with them, stay to read their favourite book or come in during the day to feed. We always have an open-door policy, so we are happy for you to continue to do this throughout their time at Nido.