Find The Closest Childcare Centre Near You

What should I consider when looking for Childcare Near Me?

The Basics…

The quality of care and how your child will learn in a childcare centre is probably the key consideration for your family. The second most important factor is location to help make life easier.

  • Is the child care centre either near my home or where I work and easily accessible, to ensure my day runs more smoothly so that I have more time to spend with my family at home?
  • Is there public transport near the childcare centre or is there parking onsite, to make my drop off and pick up as easy as possible?
  • If I walk to drop off my child at the child care centre, can I store my pram in the childcare centre for the day?

But for most parents or carers, you aren’t just thinking about choosing the nearest childcare centre; other things are equally important. You’ll also be thinking about what your child will experience during the day and how the childcare operates in terms of their approach.

What ethos does the childcare centre adhere to? Nido follows the principles of Reggio Emilia which is a unique philosophy founded in Italy which fosters the belief that the child, parent, community and environment are all essential to the learning process.

Is this the right setting for your child? This can make a huge difference to the way they feel about learning and having a great experience with new friends

  • What kind of food does the child care centre offer?
  • What does my child need to bring each day?
  • How will the childcare centre communicate with me?
  • What would my child be doing each day?
  • Does the childcare centre offer special activities?
  • What qualifications do your Educators, Curriculum Leaders and other staff have?
  • Do you follow guidelines for sustainability and how do you encourage children to support this?
  • What information do I need to provide to the child care centre to secure a place?

You’ll also want to know:

  • Do the hours offered suit my requirements which may be longer than a typical school day?
  • What happens if I need flexibility with childcare hours or days?
  • What are the daily fees and what is the Child Care subsidy? Can you help me calculate this?
  • Can my child be added to the waitlist? Find your nearest Nido early school now to be added to the list

We understand that in selecting the right childcare centre, we know how much consideration is also given to finding a safe, comfortable, nurturing, and peaceful environment.

With more than 100 Nido Early Schools in locations across Australia, families are drawn to our unique approach to childcare, taking inspiration from the Reggio Emilia philosophy and ensuring this touches every single aspect of our experience.

The environment plays a key role in your child’s learning and so our spaces are meticulously planned. Every room feels light and features natural tones and textures, providing a calm environment for learning.

Your child also needs love when you aren’t around, and we are here to give them this, be it a hug or to read them their favourite story. All our Educators are carefully chosen, not just for their qualifications, but because they have extensive experience in infant education and are also loving and nurturing people.

Please also see our family handbook, found on our website, for more detailed information.