Daily life at the Nest…

No one knows your child like you do, so we want to work with you to ensure we give your child the very best care, including us adopting some of the rituals you have at home. We always welcome the chance to chat with you about anything we should know.

Keeping you in the loop

We always share progress and updates about your child:

  • Chatting to you at drop off and pick up, if convenient
  • Communicating by whatever works best for you; text, phone, email, in person or our App ‘StoryPark’
  • Sending pictures or videos, so you can see what your child has been learning and can continue their learning at home

Growing with us as your child moves through the Nido Early School…

  • Continuing to synchronize nap times your child takes at home with the ones they take with us
  • Asking you to continue to share your child’s current interests, so that we can use this to carefully plan learning they will love as they move through the different age rooms
  • Encouraging you to spend time as much time as you can with us. You are always welcome to have breakfast with your child at our breaky bar if you have the time and we operate an ‘open door policy’ at all times
Childcare educator helps a child with a water play activity
Kid doing activity at nido child care centre

Family Participation

Participation from parents/carers is always encouraged and sends a strong message to your child that you support them. There are many ways to participate, and your Nido Early school will accommodate your availability wherever they can. Family information evenings are held throughout the year and are a wonderful opportunity to find out what’s happening at your Nido Early School, plus the chance to hear how your child is getting on.

Get involved as a family:

  • Participating in excursions
  • Assisting with fundraising
  • Attending special activities and functions
  • Volunteering, where possible
  • Providing feedback and ideas for improvement to our Early Schools