Beach Clean Up

Beach Clean Up


Children will actively participate with their families in a Beach Clean Up event. Promoting sustainable practices as well as integrating aspects of healthy minds and bodies, this experience will directly help to save the lives of ocean and coastal wildlife as well as vegetation in the area.

Register for a Beach Clean Up event or create your own at a local beach nearby to you. Include all family members, distributing rubbish bags and gloves and instructing them to collect rubbish and debris which does not belong on the beach.

Promote learning by:

Actively participate in a Beach Clean Up event, aiming to remove rubbish and debris from beaches in order to save help wildlife and vegetation in the area. All family members can participate in such an event.

Beforehand, involve your children in discussions about what you will be doing and the purpose of such an activity. Raise questions about rubbish/debris you may find during the clean up and appropriate disposal of such items (such as taking bottles or cans to a Containers for Change Outlet). Include ideas in your discussions regarding how removing rubbish and debris can help wildlife and vegetation.

Visit the Sea Shepherd website to find a ‘Beach Clean Up’ event near you:

Alternatively, you could visit a beach nearby to you and create your own ‘Beach Clean Up’ activity with your family or in conjunction with several families in your friendship circle.

Useful websites: 

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