What should I consider when looking for an Early School?

We’ve put together some suggestions below to ask when visiting a Nido Early School, as we know this is a hugely important decision for your family and we want you to feel comfortable that you’ve made the right choice for your child.

The Basics

  • Do the hours offered suit my requirements?
  • What happens if I need flexibility with childcare requirements?
  • How do I calculate the fees / what is the Child Care Subsidy
  • What information to do I need to provide? How do you keep my information confidential?
Nido educator with kids in harmony week celebrations
nido teacher and kid seeing to the sky at nido child care centre

Early Education

  • What do the children do on a daily basis? Examples of activities, any special services that the Early School offers and types of learning in outdoor learning spaces?
  • What does the Reggio Emilia philosophy mean in practice?
  • How does the Nido team work together to offer the best care?
  • Do you have ratings for the Early School?
  • What qualifications do your Educators, Curriculum Leaders and other staff have?
  • What other training do Nido staff have?
  • How many people work in each room and for each age group?


  • What kind of food do you offer?
  • What do I need to bring on a daily basis?
  • How will you communicate with me?
  • What happens if my child is unhappy, or they have behavioural issues?
  • What is your illness policy for children?
  • Do you follow guidelines in terms of your outlook on sustainability and how do you encourage children to support this?
Nido educator teaches kids how to point to fish in a fish bowl