Spring confetti

Spring confetti


Springtime is the perfect time of year to get out in the garden and see what beautiful flowers are popping up. This experience helps to support the development of fine and gross motor skills, hand eye coordination and resourcing your child’s own learning through processed and natural materials. Communication and social skills are developed through ongoing discussions and learning about the environment.

  1. To create flower or leaf confetti, go into your garden and get the children to pick out different flowers or leaves they like.
  2. A hole punch can be used to create leaf confetti that can be used in the collage.
  3. Pick the petals of the flowers to create floral confetti.
  4. Glue flower and leaf confetti onto a piece of paper or contact to create a floral confetti masterpiece.
  5. If using contact paper, you can stick the pieces of contact together and create sun catchers with the artwork.
  6. Remind your child to save some flowers and leaves for the animals and insets that use them as food or shelter!

Promote learning by:

  • Extend on your child’s learning by talking about the colours of the flowers;
  • Are they a native plant?
  • What colour are they?
  • Are they bee friendly?
  • Can they see seeds or pollen?
  • How many petals does each flower have?


To extend on this you could go on a nature scavenger hunt with your child through your local national park and see what flowers, plants and trees you can find and collect on your way using a paper bag to collect your colourful findings. You could extend further on this by reading one of the book recommendations below;

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