Sustainable Seedlings

Sustainable Seedlings


Children will use empty tins from the kitchen and seeds from fruit and vegetable scraps to prepare individual planters for seedlings to grow.

Promote learning by:

Children will use items from the kitchen to prepare Sustainable Seedlings – they will grow seeds from fruit and vegetable scraps in recycled tins from their kitchen.

Firstly, involve children in preparing the tins. Employing their fine-motor skills, they should thoroughly rinse the tins and remove the labels. To promote sustainability, you could leave the tins out in the rain or under the sprinklers to rinse them (rather than using running water from the tap).

Next, prepare the seeds for planting. This will also engage and develop fine-motor skills and precision as children will need to carefully remove the seeds from the core or from the fruit or vegetable. Providing them with tweezers may help with this. Allow the seeds to dry out for a few days before planting.

Once the tins are ready and the seeds have dried, guide your child in filling the tins with the potting mix/soil. Using a scoop will further develop their fine-motor skills and precision by helping them to aim to get most of the mix into the tin.

Guide your child in writing labels for the tins to show what kind of seeds are in each one. If your child cannot form letters yet, write the name of the seed as small dots for the child to trace over (like a dot-to-dot).

Plant the seeds in the soil mix within the tins, water and place in an appropriate place for growth to occur (window sills work well).

Over time, add a numeracy element to this experience by helping your child to measure the height of the seedlings as they grow. This could be displayed on a chart or graph or written on the label. Once seedlings are a decent size/height and have established a root system, they can be planted in a garden or a larger pot.

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