Comparing Volume

Comparing Volume


Children will be introduced to the concept of volume by pouring water between a range of various sized containers. An equal amount of water will be poured into one container, and children will then pour this from container to container to investigate how the same volume of water can appear to look less/more depending on the size of the container.

Through this experience, children will be introduced to measurement concepts through understanding/recognising millilitres as a measurement. They will use and develop their fine-motor skills through grasping the handle of the measuring jug to pour as well as holding the containers whilst pouring water into them to prevent spillage. Accuracy in pouring will be demonstrated through encouraging children to take their time in pouring and this also promotes spatial awareness. In addition to this, key mathematical and scientific terms will be introduced and discussed.

Promote learning by:

Fill the measuring jug with a specific volume of water (such as 350ml). Encourage children to pour the water from this jug into one of the clear containers available. Once they have examined the volume of the water in this container, encourage them to pour the water back into the measuring jug and then from the measuring jug into a different container.

Repeat this process until all containers have been used, always pouring the water back into the measuring jug to reiterate the original volume.

Once completed, use the excess water to water a plant either inside or outside the house to promote sustainable practices.

Questions to ask to provoke mathematical and scientific thought:

  • Does this container hold more water or less water?
  • Which container holds the most?
  • Which container holds the least?
  • Does the height of the container change the volume it can hold?
  • Does the width of the container change the volume it can hold?
  • What do the numbers on the side of the measuring jug mean?

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