Kissed by the Moon

Kissed by the Moon


This beautifully Illustrated book has limericks that will delight and inspire. Each page has beautiful illustrations of a parent and their child embarking on some different activities. The words in this book are strung into short sentences but are simple to keep your child engaged. Reading stories to your child will not only build on your child’s vocabulary and understanding of words but will also build on your relationship with them. There is nothing like sitting down and having a snuggly warm cuddle with mum or dad reading a story before bed. As you read the story you may find your child pointing to the pictures or babbling. Encourage these interactions as this is your child showing interest.

Promote learning by:

  • Helping your child identify which words belong to images by naming what your child is pointing at.
  • Repeat back sounds that your child is making. When they are babbling they may be trying to imitate the words you are saying. By doing this your child can see how your mouth moves when you make the sound and will gain more understanding on how to move their own mouth to make different sounds.

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