Pete the Cat – I Love my White Shoes experience

Pete the Cat – I Love my White Shoes experience


Read the Pete the Cat story, ‘I love my White Shoes’ by James Dean with your child. There is an online version of the story available on YouTubeTM which you can access using the URL.

Set up trays with paint for each colour shown in the story – red, blue, brown – and a tray with water.

Encourage your child to use recycled materials to onto a piece of paper to show what happened to Pete the Cat’s shoes.

If children don’t wish to engage in print making, offer a different method of painting to retell the story such as using a paintbrush or roller to create a picture.

Promote learning by:

While reading the story, encourage your child to name the objects and/or the colours they see in the story (e.g. strawberries, red, blueberries, blue, mud, brown).

While setting up the painting experience, encourage your child to put the trays in the order Pete the Cat stepped in them, looking back through the story if required.

After listening to the story a few times, encourage your child to predict what Pete the Cat will step in before turning the page to find out.

Additional learning:

Discuss Pete the Cat’s emotions (e.g. Was Pete the Cat happy/sad? Why do you think he was happy/sad?)

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