Why Come To Nido For Kinder?

Kinder, Kindy, Year K, Preparatory, Kindergarten… There are many names for these important few years of early childhood education. As many as there are, there are even more providers offering a kindergarten service. So why should you chose Nido Early Schools over the many alternatives?

There is no better way to understand our passion for early childhood education than to come and see our educators doing what they love – and that’s providing the ultimate environment for children to blossom in their crucial formative years. The combination of our staff and the Nido environment is what makes our schools so special.

At Nido, we have a simple philosophy. And that is to offer an environment that works as hard as you to provide the most precious people in your life with the care, safety and early experiences to nurture and provide the crucial foundation for young minds to discover and learn the skills upon which the rest of their lives will be built.

We strongly believe that:

  • Providing meaningful learning experiences during the crucial foundation years of a child’s life cultivates a strong love for learning
  • It’s vital to build relationships with families and encourage involvement and participation
  • Learning is ongoing and we constantly develop our own knowledge, therefore offering richer experiences to the children trusted to our care
  • Every child deserves a strong sense of well being
  • Every child has the right to make choices with regards to their learning
  • The environment is the ‘third teacher’ and our physical spaces are set up in a manner that encourages exploration and engagement.
  • The environment should reflect our views on sustainability and love of nature

Why environment matters?

Taking the first cautious steps into a world where time is spent away from the primary caregiver is a momentous moment for a child. We strive to make this a seamless experience. Every one of our Services has been architecturally designed and built.

From layout to relaxation spaces, vegetable patches, musical play areas, mirrors, fixtures and a myriad of carefully designed textures, our ‘house’ provides a cultivated environment where children can flow freely between indoor and outdoor spaces. We adapt spaces for each age group, from nursery through to kindergarten. Naturally, this extends to our love of parent engagement, and you’re very welcome to stay and relax in the purpose-built lounge for as long as you choose – just another way to encourage full participation and allow you to be involved in this vital stage of child progression.

This carefully constructed learning environment is wholly conducive to allow children to:

  • Develop their sensory pathways: As up to 90% of brain development occurs during their first five years this is vital. Brain stimulation is key for development and every experience during these early years affects the quality of the brain architecture
  • Developing social skills: Our flowing environment encourages children to interact with others in a location where they feel wholly secure. Social interactions develop and improve through a combination of participation and observation.
  • Make the most of our uniquely structured curriculums: Designed to allow children to use their own learning style to explore everything from language to cultural identity and environmental understanding
  • Promote the development of neural connections: During the crucial foundation years a child makes over 1 million new neural connections every second! Sights, smells, sensations and more are crucial in this development, and at Nida our environment has been specifically created to support this.

The Nido team

We’re proud of our staff – they’re our greatest asset. Only the most exceptional, dedicated and passionate degree-qualified and educators make the grade to work at Nido Early Schools. We know how challenging it is for parents to allow anyone else to look after their precious charges – and we strive to over-deliver on your expectations.

At every Nido Service you’ll find:

  • The minimum qualification our child educators hold is a Certificate III in Children’s services
  • Every room has a Leading Educator holding a Diploma in Children’s Services or higher
  • Our team are supported to continually research best practice and education with a strong mentorship program to progress their career in early childhood education
  • Every centre has a Curriculum Leader whose role is to support the centre educators and guide their ongoing development and learning

We could carry on about all the aspects that make Nido the stand-out provider for early learning, but nothing speaks louder than seeing us in action. If you’re looking for an environment and team that are dedicated to providing the very best in early childhood education – plus the knowledge that your child will have a blast whilst being in our care – then we’d love to hear from you.

So put us to the test. Find your nearest Nido Centre at www.nido.edu.au and come on by for a friendly chat and to see our impressive team at work. We can’t wait to hear from you.