So You Want To Be An Early Childhood Teacher?

One of the best things about becoming an Early Childhood Teacher (ECT) is that it’s an opportunity that suits many. At Nido we can provide employment at different levels. We can support aspirations for those just starting out in a career of Early Childhood Education (ECE) and we can also help primary school teachers upgrade their qualification with just a small amount of study.

In this case, studying and completing the Diploma in Early Childhood Education & Care by December 2021 will make them eligible to be recognised as an Early Childhood Teacher.

Career Paths that Start at Every Level

The choice to become an ECT is the beginning of an exciting and rewarding professional path. It represents a rare combination of benefits that encompass responsibilities, great progression opportunities, a work-life balance and the possibility of flexible hours. That’s before we even mention the massive job satisfaction and knowledge that every day you really are making a difference in the lives of the children with whom you interact.

The formative years of young children are a crucial element of the building blocks upon which they flourish to become the adults of the future. At Nido Early School we treasure our ECTs and provide them with everything they need to advance their career along an exciting path.

Educators Extraordinaire

Nido schools are renowned for the quality of our educators. But this doesn’t happen by chance – it’s all down to the individuals who work for us and our organisational attributes that, we’re proud to say, are a little different from other organisations.

This stems from our passion to give young children the very best start in life. It’s the underlying ethos that impacts everything that happens at any Nido location. Nothing excites Nido educators more than seeing their charges embrace their natural curiosity, so creating and instilling the enthusiasm that’s the beginning of a lifelong lust for learning.

We follow the outstanding Reggio Emilia approach, a method dedicated to building trust, respect and reciprocal relationships with families. The technique has been adopted around the world and is seen as the ultimate method of providing childcare and early childhood education.

The Benefits of a Nido Career

Working at Nido isn’t simply a job – it’s a vocation. We truly recognise this and every Nido Early Childhood Teacher benefits from the following:

  • Ongoing training, mentorship and education
  • A carefully crafted and exciting career progression path
  • Being involved in a ‘family’ of like-minded early childhood educators and having an input into the day-to-day running and future strategies of the schools
  • Benefiting from working an industry that’s in a positive growth phase
  • Helping to plan and implement quality educational programs
  • Taking an active part in leading pedagogy and practice
  • Benefiting from flexible working hours and a great work-life balance

Have We Piqued Your Interest? Check Out Current Nido Vacancies Today

We welcome enquiries and applications from those already working in ECT, those looking to return following a career break and those who’re looking for a brand new challenge. All we ask is that you’re as passionate about Early Childhood Education as we are.

If that sounds like you, then visit the careers section of our website and discover current vacancies or send us an expression of interest.

We can’t wait to hear from you.