Fostering a Sense of Belonging and Achieving Educational Excellence: Nido Early School Werribee

In a conversation with Kylie Broederlow, the Curriculum Leader at Nido Early School Werribee, we delved into her inspiring journey in the field of early learning education.

Kylie’s passion for early learning education became evident from the moment she set foot in Nido Early School Werribee for her interview. The welcoming and comfortable environment made an instant impact, fostering a sense of belonging that she hadn’t experienced anywhere else. This unique atmosphere played a pivotal role in her quick transition to the role of Curriculum Leader.

Her journey in the childcare industry began in 2016, and after three years of dedicated studies and work placement, Kylie embarked on a Reggio Emilia-inspired adventure with Nido Early School. Driven by her love for nurturing creativity, inspiring children to unleash their imagination, and collaborating with like-minded educators, Kylie found herself in a role that resonates deeply with her passion.

“Everything about Nido aligns with my own philosophy,” says the New Zealand-born educator. Drawing inspiration from Māori culture, she refers to the concept of Te Whāriki, which means ‘the woven mat.’ This concept is the foundation of the Early Learning Framework for Curriculum in New Zealand, emphasising the weaving of principles and strands to create a comprehensive learning program for children.

“Te Whāriki is the Early Learning Framework for Curriculum in New Zealand, the concepts align with my own pedagogy and values, and I find that these concepts resonate here within Nido and the Reggio Emilia approach. I love the connection to community, empowering children always and the overall holistic approach to learning.”

Just as Kylie found her professional path at Nido, the centre actively seeks the best talent in the early learning education sector. If you are seeking a fulfilling career with a supportive team in an environment that values excellence, visit our careers page and join the Nido family.