Nido Announces Several New Senior Leader Appointments

Nido Early School has recently celebrated the strategic appointments of three exceptional women to key leadership roles.

Amber Fisher, with her remarkable journey spanning nine years within Nido, has ascended from a kitchen hand to the prestigious position of New Service Leader at Nido’s support office. Her experience covers various roles across Australia showcasing her dedication and progression within the organisation.

In addition to Amber’s promotion, the organisation is pleased to announce the well-deserved promotions of Rebecca Fisher and Danika Croll as Operations Leaders in their respective states.

Rebecca, overseeing South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and the Australian Capital Territory, brings extensive experience, having joined Nido in 2012 and contributing significantly to the growth of new early schools.

Danika, supporting Western Australia, has showcased her exemplary commitment to teamwork and empowering others since starting with Nido in 2018.

Kylie Morris, Operations Director, acknowledges the versatile skills of Rebecca, describing her as a multi-skilled professional, often called upon for her expertise in various aspects of Nido’s operations.

Danika’s commitment to the One Team approach, coupled with her ability to pivot confidently, is recognised as a key attribute contributing to her successful career.

The recent appointments and promotions of Amber, Rebecca, and Danika reflect Nido’s dedication to nurturing talent and providing exceptional leadership within the early childhood education sector in Australia.

If you are looking for a career in early education or you would like to know more about Nido’s unique approach to childcare education, Reggio Emilia, visit our website.