More Growth For Internationally Acclaimed Early Childhood Learning Centres In Australia

Acclaimed as one of the world’s leading early childhood education philosophies, the Reggio Emilia approach has become one of the most highly sought-after and highly regarded influencers in early education in Australia – and the good news is that more and more Reggio Emilia inspired schools are opening across the country.

Such is the demand for the Reggio Emilia approach that leading provider, Nido Early Schools has just expanded its portfolio of early learning centres in West Australia and Victoria, with a further 10 set to open within the next few months.

Nido recently opened three new early learning centres in the Perth suburbs of Caversham and Lakelands and Melbourne’s Altona Meadows and Narre Warren South, with WA and Victoria to get a further four in the near future and Queensland and South Australia getting their much-anticipated first ones shortly too.

The Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education has been gaining worldwide traction since its inception in the Italian city of the same name in the aftermath of World War II. Interestingly, the city of Reggio Emilia is also credited as the birthplace of two other great Italian products, Lambrusco and Parmigiano Reggiano (otherwise known as parmesan cheese) so it can rightly claim both gastronomic and educational pre-eminence!

The movement spread internationally from its humble beginnings, attracting attention from educators, researchers, parents and the wider community who recognised the value and positive outcomes of its unique pioneering approach. In Reggio Emilia inspired schools, education is child-centred and learning is child-directed. Every child is recognised as having an innate curiosity and potential and this interest to discover and understand their world and their place within it drives their learning.

But Reggio Emilia isn’t a method. It is not a prescriptive process and teachers aren’t formally trained to be Reggio Emilia practitioners. No Reggio school is the same. Each one is inspired by the approach and the principles of the movement are infused into their programmes, but just as each student, teacher, parent, community, and town are different, so is every Reggio school different to meet the differing needs and interests.

This innovative and inspiring approach has clearly touched the hearts and minds of communities across Australia and Nido Early Schools has reacted quickly to meet the surging demand. They are committed to bringing premium early education to communities across Australia and their substantial expansion programme is testament to their commitment and passion.

All Nido Early School centres are newly built and beautifully designed to create a nurturing, co-learning environment which provides a platform for children to achieve lifelong success, and if you’d like more information or find out about your nearest Nido Early School, please get in touch.