Inspiring Cucina Initiatives at Nido Somerton Park

We spoke with Nido Early School Somerton Park on their great Cucina initiatives, which have been introduced by their passionate chefs. The school’s previous chef launched a range of exciting initiatives, which have been continued by their newly appointed chef.

Mealtime at Nido Somerton Park is where children and educators come together to share in the joy of eating much-loved dishes. The children will sometimes gather in their chef hats and aprons to help the chef in the preparation of these meals. The children also participate in cooking classes on occasion.

Designed by Nourishing Beginnings, our Nido menus are a real point of difference. We pride ourselves on all of our meals being healthy, nutritious, and delicious.

After lunch, their chef packages any leftover food into containers as take-home meals for parents to request and pick up when they pick up their child. The early school also understands when a parent or carer may be in a moment of need, setting aside meals for these parents to take home too.

Somerton Park have also made it simple for parents and carers to make these dishes at home. They have created DIY recipe packs that contain the recipe, cooking instructions and all of the spices and condiments needed for the dish. All families need to do to complete the dish is add any proteins and commonly found pantry items.

Other much-loved initiatives at Somerton Park are takeaway coffees on request and cooking masterclasses for families, and the team are hoping to introduce more exciting initiatives in the future.

Delivering delicious, healthy meals is important to us at Nido. At Nido Somerton Park, their chefs have gone above and beyond to ensure they exceed the standards.

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