Embracing our inner Orange: Every Week is Harmony Week at Nido!

Harmony Week 2023 was a wonderful celebration of our multicultural country. Orange is the signature colour of Harmony week – and we encouraged all our children, parents, and carers to wear shades of orange and get involved!

With nearly half of all Australians being either born overseas or having a parent who was, our Nido classrooms are privileged to be brimming with diversity. Our committed Educators also represent this beautiful blend of culture – something that made our Nido Early schools perfectly placed to pack Harmony week with multicultural activities that promote our core values of respect, inclusiveness, and equal opportunity.

During our Nido celebrations, we:

  • Used music: We brought the world to Nido by listening to and savouring harmonies from around the world
  • Told stories: It was the perfect opportunity to discover stories, fairy tales, and fables from across the globe
  • Ate our way across the globe: What better way to celebrate diversity than with delicious food? Parents helped their little ones prepare dishes that represent their ancestry – or plates with a range of orange foods to match the theme of the week
  • Played our way around the planet: We immersed ourselves in such classics as Ounch Neech, an Indian and Pakistani game of tag, Pass the Parcel from the UK and the traditional Philippine jumping game of Luksong Backa
  • Learnt how to say hello in different languages, used maps to identify each other’s origins and learnt about our classmates’ family traditions

At Nido, Harmony Week presented the ideal opportunity to highlight the values, beliefs, and languages of all our families and celebrate all the advantages that such diversity brings!