Our Love of Food: Nutrition in the Early Years

While nutrition is an essential element for life, it represents so much more than simply fuelling our bodies. Our relationship with food is shaped during our early years, so developing healthy habits during this critical time should be of the highest priority.

Where and how a child eats, is also as important as the food they eat. Learning about where food comes from and exploring the art of cooking stimulate childhood curiosity and lay the foundations for healthy eating choices as they grow.

Food Discovery

Eating should be enjoyable. Taste, texture and food combinations are all parts of the lifelong food adventure that, with great nutritional direction, sets children up with great eating habits for life.

Introducing food discovery during the early years can be achieved in many ways. Learning about where food comes from, how it changes during the cooking process and both different textures and taste combinations teach children about the joy of food.

Nido Early Schools include the cucina (kitchen) in their ‘classrooms without walls’ learning. It’s considered the heart of each Early School, not only providing delicious healthy meals, but also a place where the children can get their hands messy and learn about the ingredients that go into making tasty and wholesome food.

The Pleasure of Good Food

Where and when a child eats plays a huge role in future nutritional habits. Mealtimes should be considered social – a time for your child to interact with those around them. Doing so can positively impact the neural connections that are being made during these early years. A child who learns that food is something that’s enjoyed during a structured day is far less likely to fall into poor snacking habits later in life.

Of course, today’s lifestyles aren’t always conducive to long, leisurely mealtimes. However, taking even ten minutes over breakfast or half an hour after work where you sit with your child to eat and interact goes a long way to creating this connection.

At Nido Early Schools, parents and caregivers can relax in the knowledge that our Educators place maximum importance to guiding your children in their healthy eating habits. Mealtimes are always an occasion at Nido – be it breakfast, lunch, or mid-afternoon snack time. In conjunction with our chefs, food is an integral part of your child’s day. Healthy nutrition and a great relationship with food is at the core of all Early Schools. Bon Appetite!