Earth Day: Promoting Environmental Awareness

Earth Day is an annual event, promoting environmental awareness and encouraging people to take action to protect our planet.

Teaching young children about Earth Day can help them develop an understanding and appreciation for the natural world and inspire them to take action to protect it.

There are many ways you can talk to young children about protecting natural resources:

  • Reading! There are many books teaching the importance of protecting the planet, helping a child to understand and learn about the different ways they can make a difference.
  • Do nature walks or outdoor activities. Taking children out to explore in nature, can help them appreciate the natural world around them. This can also be a great opportunity to teach them about the importance of protecting the world we live in and reducing their impact on it.
  • Make art projects with recycled materials. Art projects are a great way to teach children about recycling and repurposing materials such as paper, cardboard and plastic.
  • Plant seeds or participate in a community garden. This teaches children about the importance of plants and the role they play in the conserving our environment. This can also be a fun way to teach them about sustainability and reducing waste.
  • Teach them to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Teaching the three R’s can help children understand how they can make a positive impact on the environment. This can include using reusable water bottles, bringing cloth bags for grocery shopping or recycling paper and plastic.

At Nido, we believe that we have a responsibility to promote sustainable living and environmental conservation among children and are committed to making a positive impact on our planet. We’ve embedded sustainability education into our curriculum at every Nido Early School, providing children with a range of experiences that support their learning about environmental issues important to their local community.

Sustainability Initiatives across Nido Early Schools

To further our commitment to sustainability, we’ve also implemented various initiatives across Nido.

  • We mindfully select suppliers who use sustainable materials and supply chains, reduce single-use plastic across our Early Schools, and incorporate sustainable practices into our daily operations.
  • These initiatives include edible gardens, compost bins, and worm farms, which not only promote sustainable practices but also offer children a hands-on experience in growing and cultivating their own food.
  • We also use biodegradable cleaning materials to reduce our impact on waterways and habitats.

By embedding sustainable practices into all aspects of our Nido life, we can help shape our children into adults who will take care of our planet for future generations.  Let’s work together to make a positive difference this Earth Day and every day!