Early Childhood Educators’ Day: Celebrating this vital role

Watching children explore, learn and grow is truly joyous. During these formative years every experience, from the wonder of watching a handful of sand dribble through their fingers to activities, such as hide ‘n’ seek, play a crucial part in their well-being and healthy development. No-one knows this better than Australia’s talented and highly-qualified early childhood educators – and we’re delighted that this key group has their national day to celebrate their incredible contribution to society and shaping the lives of children.

2 September 2020: A poignant year

Early Childhood Educator’s Day was created in 2010 by the Australian Childhood Alliance. Since then, national awareness has increased dramatically. Today it’s an important calendar date that celebrates the valuable work of those in charge of our precious educators and leaders of the future.

This year’s event is perhaps even more important. In a post-COVID world, where the unprecedented impact of the pandemic has brought extraordinary challenges to education that could never have been predicted, our early childhood educators have demonstrated the passion and innovation necessary to continue to bring the best education through play in the most demanding of circumstances.

This Wednesday, 2 September 2020, is the opportunity for all of us to say thank you to these outstanding individuals – from a personal level, right through to a national approach.

Well-Deserved Recognition for Australia’s Early Childhood Educators

Nido Early School is delighted to celebrate this wonderful day. Every single member of Nido staff plays a crucial role in the lives of the children entrusted to their care – these early years lay the foundations for Australia’s adults of the future.

Accomplished, highly-skilled and committed to their roles, early childhood educators have, perhaps, been one of the most under-recognised groups involved in the education of our nation’s children. Now, with increasing understanding of the vital importance of a child’s formative years and how learning through play is such a crucial element, these talented individuals are, finally, beginning to receive the wide-spread acknowledgement they deserve.

The complexity and importance of the work carried out by early childhood educators across the nation is something all of us can appreciate. So, on Wednesday 2 September 2020, join with us in celebration and let’s all give a huge shout out to Australia’s wonderful early childhood educators.

Nido Early School is a leading provider of early childhood education throughout Australia. Offering a premium, exceeding level of care, Nido’s schools welcome children aged from 6 weeks to school age. Here they benefit from a nurturing, co-learning environment, with experienced early childhood educators who work with families and caregivers to ensure the best possible start in life for our adults of the future.