Clean Up Australia Day at Nido

At Nido Early Schools across the country, we recently participated in Clean Up Australia Day. This annual event serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility we hold in preserving the beauty and sustainability of our environment.

With a commitment to instilling environmental consciousness in the hearts and minds of children, our childcare centres eagerly took part in this initiative. Venturing out into local parks, beaches, and neighbourhoods, educators and children embraced the opportunity to make a difference.

Armed with gloves and bags, they searched the areas, collecting litter and waste, while also engaging in conversations about the importance of responsible waste management and recycling.

Our involvement in Clean Up Australia Day goes beyond just picking up rubbish. It’s about fostering a deeper understanding of environmental care and instilling lifelong habits that prioritise sustainability. By participating in such initiatives, our aim is to empower children to become environmentally conscious citizens who care about our planet.

Clean up Australia day sustainability activities at Nido.

At Nido, we believe that every small action contributes to a larger impact. By joining in on Clean Up Australia Day, we hope to demonstrate our dedication to sustainability and creating a cleaner, greener world. Together, we can inspire change, one clean-up at a time.

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