All Aboard The Nido Express!

Nido Hillarys has come up with an innovative solution to banish those tears when a child just doesn’t want to be dropped off… and add a smile to many faces!

Boarding the Nido Express for a train ride to their room from the foyer, the Early School staff have introduced two trolley trains that the children can either drive or ride from the train stop located in the Piazza.

Family feedback has been wonderful, with many sharing that this does make things easier when they talk to the children before drop-off about riding the train when they arrive.

Children have also been involved in sharing their ideas to develop the Nido Express. The trains have now been named Thomas and Percy, with children also making number plates for the trains. The Early School is also thinking of making a train station in the Piazza, with tickets that children can use at drop-off.

Families have continued to share their ideas and staff have found that the children are arriving more settled, with everyone very appreciative of making the start of the day more fun!