Acclaimed Artist Teaches at Nido Pennington

Nido Pennington has made their Atelier the very heart of their early school. At Nido, our Ateliers are dedicated art studios, for uninterrupted projects that children can revisit.

At Pennington, children are presented with a set of resources and asked to imagine what they could create from them. This approach frees the children to create artworks that are unique and creative.

A highlight for the staff and children at Nido Pennington was having acclaimed Australian artist Alice Lindstrom spending two months teaching art at the school. A parent at the school, Alice works in paper collage, using cut-and-paste and stacking techniques to create gorgeously textured collages. In fact, Alice’s illustrations feature in the book ‘Bees are our friends’, a key part of the Nido curriculum.

“Having Alice at the school was amazing. The children and staff absolutely loved the experience learning from someone as acclaimed as Alice. Alice also had a wonderful time, so much so we’re hoping she’ll become our artist in residence.Says Katharine Pearson, Executive Service Manager at Nido Pennington.

During the course of the year, each child creates a portfolio of their artworks. At the end of the year is the highlight of Pennington’s calendar, the annual art show where all the children’s work is displayed. During the art show, parents and siblings can create their own art or simply marvel at the incredible artwork that has been created by children as young as three and four.

Step inside Nido Pennington and you’ll immediately see what a key part art plays at the school. It’s something they are truly proud of and something the children genuinely love.