Recipe in a Jar

Recipe in a Jar


Children will use and build on their measurement skills to create a ‘Recipe in a Jar’ to give as gifts. These jars will contain the dry ingredients to make a recipe (such as cookies or a slice) and recipients of the jars will only need to add wet ingredients. Children will demonstrate precise measuring skills when adding the dry ingredients to the jars and will employ their creativity to decorate the jars.

Promote learning by:

Children will use and build on precise measuring skills by adding the dry ingredients for a recipe to a jar. The ingredients should be layered in the jar, with the heaviest of the ingredients at the bottom (for example, oats would go in before flour). It might be easier to decorate the jar first, before adding any dry ingredients.

Once you have selected a recipe, hold a discussion with your child about each of the dry ingredients (having these ingredients in front of you/handy will help). Initiate conversation about where the ingredients come from (for example, how does flour become powdered?) and order them from heaviest to lightest.

Next, show your child the measuring cups and spoons and discuss what the numbers on them mean. Demonstrate the technique of measuring using the cups and the spoons.

Guiding your child, start to add the dry ingredients to the glass jar, following the recipe to ensure specific amounts are added to the jar.

Seal the jar tightly and then attach the recipe to the jar so the recipient knows which wet ingredients to add and what to do with the dry ingredients.

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