Everything you need to know about Nido

We understand that entrusting your child to us is something that you don’t take lightly. Our Early Schools offer high quality education, in a loving, safe, comfortable and nurturing environment.

Every family is unique, with their own specific requirements. To cater for this, we provide education and care for the days that work best for you, plus flexible hours to offer the most suitable options for your family.

We also offer casual care days because we know things change and you may find yourself in need of extra support. We are here for you, as well as your child.

Getting Started
Getting Started

How to enrol

Contact your nearest Early School to make a booking to inspect our facilities in person, take a virtual tour, or simply send an enquiry.

Preparing to get started and our Nido orientation

We want to get to know you and your child; the little things that matter to your child, matter to us. Parents are always welcome at Nido and we’d love you to attend orientation sessions with your child before their first day.

Our Nido orientation always covers the following:

  • Making sure your child feels comfortable with their key Educators
  • Understanding the unique needs of your child to ensure that we give them the very best care. This includes understanding medication, allergies, cultural needs and your preferences
  • Discussing our unique educational approach and how you and your child can contribute to this
  • Familiarising your family with our Early School to ensure you feel at home
  • Learning the rhythm of the day; from welcoming you in the morning to waving goodbye. It also includes other important things that matter too, including parking and security information
  • Providing you your Welcome Pack containing everything you need to know as a parent
  • Making sure all actions are complete before your child starts, such as confirming immunisation records and discussing any other needs
Getting Started

How we communicate with you, day to day

  • Drop off and pick up communication with our Educators, if convenient for you, is part of our daily ritual
  • We will communicate via what works best for you (text, phone, email, in person or our App ‘Playground’)
  • You’ll receive pictures or videos of your child and we’ll share some of the things they have been learning

For more information, please download our Family Pack.

Growing with the Nido family

No one knows your child like you, and we will continue to work with you to always ensure the best outcome for them. This may mean us adopting some of the rituals you have at home. For instance:

  • Synchronize the naptime your child takes at home with the one they take with us
  • Ask you to share any current interests your child may have, so we can use this to carefully plan learning that they will love
  • Share your child’s work and progress, so you can continue their learning at home
  • Encourage you to have breakfast with your child at our breaky bar, should you be able to do this